Borderland Sports Report Announces Finalist  For "The Borderland Sports Report Outstanding Player of the Year in Football"

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 25 November 2020 | 7:30 PM

El Paso, TX:  Today, BSR released its finalist for the "Borderland Sports Report Outstanding Player of the Year in Football".  Voting for high school coaches and fans will open on 30 November 2020.  Each group's votes will count 25% toward the players total score, with the other 50% coming from their on field performance (25%) and from the BSR staff (25%).

Head Varsity High School Coaches will be given one voting opportunity to vote for their top 5 players ranking them 1 through 5.  Fans will be allowed to vote for one player, but can vote as many times as they like between now and 5 December 2020.  The winner will be announced on 12 December 2020 live on Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment's "Borderland Sports Report" talk show.

The 35 finalists up for consideration this year:

          Aaron Dumas (RB, Americas High School (6A))

          Orion Olivas (QB, Eastlake High School (6A))

          Andrew Martinez (QB, Eastwood High School (6A))

          John Knutson (QB, Irvin High School (5A))

          Jacariaous Lewis (QB, Parkland High School (5A))

          Jeremiah Tosky (QB, Andress High School (5A))

          Luis Rivera (QB, Hanks High School (5A))

          Quincy Estrada (QB, El Dorado High School (5A))

          Xavier Johnson (RB, Hanks High School (5A))

          Sebastian De La Torre (RB, Bel Air High School (5A))

          Isaiah Whitterstauter (RB, Austin High School (5A))

          LJ Martin (RB, Canutillo High School (5A))

          Johnathan Barton (RB, Parkland High School (5A))

          William Rodriguez, III (RB/ILB, Austin High School (5A))

          Jose Guardado (RB, Riverside High School (4A))

          Ryan Varela (RB, San Elizario High School (4A))

          Ernie Garcia (RB, Horizon High School (4A))

          Joel Serrano (RB, Del Valle High School (5A))

          Karmelus Card, Jr (WR, El Dorado High School (5A))

          Chris Harris (WR, El Dorado High School (5A))

          AJ Delgado (WR, Eastwood High School (6A))

          Blas Compean (WR, Eastlake High School (6A))

          Aaron "Mo" Morales (WR, Montwood High School (6A))

          Matthew Jones (WR, Eastlake High School (6A))

          Aaron Candelaria (WR, Hanks High School (5A))

          Steven Powers (LB, Franklin High School (6A))

          Michael Kiesel (Parkland High School (5A))

          Cameron Payne (SS, Chapin High School (5A))

          Timothy Pastran (FS, Chapin High School (5A))

          Esteban Pena (NG, Mountain View High School (4A))

          Alec Marenco (WR/OLB, Burges High School (5A))

          Misael Rosales (RB, Clint High School (4A))

          Joe Gomez (LB/RB, Irvin High School (5A))

          Michael Leyva (OLB/DT, Bel Air High School (5A))

          Javier De La Rosa (RB, Ysleta High School (5A))

Fans can go here to cast there votes:    FAN VOTE

Coaches will go here to cast there votes:  HEAD COACH VOTE







Steven Howard is the editor for Fieldhouse Sports and Entertainment, where he will write articles on youth and high school sports, recruiting, and sports programs.  He is also the Co-owner of EBH Fitness LLC where he runs Howard Family Media Group (Fieldhouse SEN, Fieldhouse+, Howard Family Productions, and The Music Box).  He is also the host of the Borderland Sports Report and Coach Talk.