Borderland Sports Report's

All City Boys Basketball Team

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 22 February 2021 | 12:30 PM

El Paso, TX:  Now that the regular season is over and most of the Boys' teams have played one round of playoff games  here in the Borderland, we at the BSR Staff would like to take this time to release our BSR Outstanding Performer in Boys' Basketball and our Borderland Boys' Basketball All City Team.  Our staff went through and these are our top performers during this shortened high school basketball season.

The BSR Outstanding Performer in Boys' Basketball is Kenyon "KJ" Lewis (So) PG from Chapin High School.  BSR Coach of the Year is Rodney Lewis of Chapin High School.

"BSR All City Boys' Basketball Team"

     First Team All City Boys' Basketball:                                                                   BSR All City Coaches

       *G — Kenyon “KJ” Lewis (So) — Chapin                                                            *Rodney Lewis -- Chapin      

     G — Zaid Hernandez (Sr) — Eastwood                                                               Dallas Puente -- Ysleta

       G/F — Omar Ibarra (Sr) — Ysleta                                                                         Cody Burris -- Tornillo

       F — Gustavo Narres (Sr) — Cathedral                                                                 Mike Brooks -- Americas  

       P/F — William Perry (Sr) — Austin                                                                      

       Reserve — Tony Brown (Sr) — Bel Air

       Reserve — Jay Hernandez (Sr) — San Elizario

     Second Team All City Boys' Basketball:

       G — Christian Nevarez (So) — Americas

       G — Aaron Ramos (Sr) — Horizon

       G/F — Manuel Flores (Jr) — Chapin

       F — KJ Ware (Sr) — Bel Air

       P/F — Patrick Farley (Sr) — Coronado

       Reserve — Joseph Martinez (So) — Canutillo

       Reserve — Jacob Gonzalez (Sr) — Ysleta

     Third Team All City Boys' Basketball:

       G — Jesus Delgado (So) — Tornillo

       G —Irvin Valenzuela (Jr) — Jefferson

       G/F —Mateo Burchell (Sr) — Chapin

       F — Justin Solis (Sr) — Austin

       P/F — Treandre Barber (Sr) — Irvin

       Reserve — Adrian Ayala (Sr) — Riverside

       Reserve — Gabriel George-Aguilar (Jr) — Franklin

     Honorable Mention All City Boys' Basketball:

     G — Daniel Perez (So) — San Elizario

     F — Jaelin Domingue (Sr) — El Dorado

     F — Trevon Washington (Sr) — Irvin

     Cesear Fernandez (Sr) — Hanks

     Jacob Estrada (Sr) — Bowie

     G — Jesse Gomez (Jr) — Tornillo

     G — Michael Veal (Sr) — Riverside

     F — Aaron Aguilar (Sr)— Riverside

     Juan Camacho (Sr) — Bowie

     G — Justin Sois (Sr) — Austin

     G — Josh Vasquez (Sr) — Eastlake

     Idalius Coleman (So) — Hanks

     Adam Herrera (Sr) — Eastlake

     G — Jacob Gonzalez (Sr) — Ysleta

     G — Gio Guitteriez (So) — Canutillo

     G — Cristian Ibarra (So) — Ysleta

     G — LJ Martin (So) — Canutillo

     Adam Bohls (So) — Franklin

     G — Isaiah Gonzales (Jr) — Clint

     G — Jose Arellano (Sr) — Horizon





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