Howard Family Media Group and Immanel Christian School Athletics to Partner:

HFMG and ICS Partner to create the ICS Athletics Network

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 6 August 2021 | 09:15 AM





Steven Howard is the editor for Fieldhouse Sports and Entertainment, where he will write articles on youth and high school sports, recruiting, and sports programs.  He is the Co-owner of EBH Fitness LLC where he runs Howard Family Media Group (Fieldhouse SEN, Fieldhouse+, Howard Family Productions, and The Music Box).  He is also the host of the Borderland Sports Report and Coach Talk.

HFMG/FSEN Co-Owner Steven Howard and ICS Athletics Director Robert Rubi

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Peterson, ICS Athletics

El Paso, TX:  On Monday, 2 August 2021 if became official.  Howard Family Media Group and Immanuel Christian School have agreed on the creation of the ICS Athletics Network, making Immanuel Christian School the first school in El Paso that will have their own digital platform.  

The ICS "sub-channel" on the HFMG All Access (FSEN) app will allow Immanuel Christian School to stream live all of their school events, activities, etc. over IOS, Andriod, ROKU, and Apple FireStick.  Specificially, ICS will have thri Varsity Volleyball, Girls Basketball, and Boys Basketball games streamed live and made available to the thousands of viewers 24/7 on the platform.

As a national platform, HFMG through FSEN has created a sports and entertainment based audience of 160,000 monthly viewers including over 800 college coaches.  With an El Paso, TX market size of over 40,000 viewers monthly, this is our effort to give our network a more regoinal appeal by securing deals with local El Paso business establishmetns (restaurants, barbershops, etc.) to stream our networks content within their establishments.

Through original programming (Borderland Sports Report (BSR), Taking It To The Hous (TTH), Coach Talk, Sports Talk, and FSEN) along with sporting events (youth, high school and pro), we continue to push to be the leader in sports here in the Borderland.  For this coming season, we have been blessed to make partnerships with some local El Paso Schools and ISD's to stream high school sports on our digitual platform all across the Borderland Region."  ---- Howard Family Media Group

"We believe that this partnership can only help advance the goals of ICS Athletics, specifically to grow our program and provide as much exposure, opportunity, and notoriety for our student athlets as possible" -- ICS Athletics

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Peterson, ICS Athletics