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This years girls high school basketball is going to be amazing.  As guards from around the city continue to dominate on all teams.  And we have to be honest, there are alot of players who have legitimate arguments on being on these list, but these are our preseason picks for our All BSR Teams here in the Borderland.  Enjoy!

ALL BSR 1st Team

          G -- Sophiya Bustillo, Jr., Riverside High School

          G -- Brianna Vargas , Sr, Burges High School

          G -- Leslie Mojica, Sr, Andress High School

          F -- Hannah Ayala, Sr, Immanuel Chrsitian School

          F -- Jordyn Hernandez, Jr, Burges High School

ALL BSR 2nd Team     

          G -- Audrey Hernandez, Sr, San Elizario High School

          G -- Juliana Hernandez, Sr, Immanuel Christian School

          G -- Jasmin Holt, Sr, Chapin High School

          G -- Kimberly Cruz, Sr, Canutillo High School

          F/C -- Maya Contreras, Jr, San Elizario High School

ALL BSR 3rd Team     

          G -- Priscilla Diaz, Jr, Burges High School

          G -- Jordan Sapien, So, Pebble Hills High School

          G -- Amaris Valdez, Franklin High School

          F -- McKenzie Hart, Jr, Immanuel Christian School

          F -- Talithia Hicks, Sr, El Dorado High School