Borderland Sports Report Voting Results For "The Borderland Sports Report Outstanding Player of the Year in Football"

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 09 December 2020 | 10:20 PM

El Paso, TX:  With the playoff games being player on Friday, 11 December 2020; the Borderland is in a buzz.  And to add to this buz, we have the finalist for the Borderland Sports Report Outstanding Performer of the Year in Football.

Here is the list of the final 7 in no particular order:

                              Aaron Dumas (RB, Americas High School (6A))

William Rodriguez, III (RB/ILB, Austin High School (5A))

Orion Olivas (QB, Eastlake High School (6A))

Joel Serrano (RB, Del Valle High School (5A))

Andrew Martinez (QB, Eastwood High School (6A))

Karmelus Card, Jr (WR, El Dorado High School (5A))

Joe Gomez (LB/RB, Irvin High School (5A))

There will be a live awards show the weekend following the last game played by the final contestants.  Finalist are asked to reach out to our staff and submit a 3 to 5 min highlight video of their season to be run during the live show.  Video links can be emailed to

Again congratulations to all of the student athletes in the Borderland and good luck in the playoffs.  







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