Borderland Sports Report's

All City Girls' Basketball Team

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 19 February 2021 | 11:00 AM

El Paso, TX:  With Girls' Basketball winding down here in the Borderland, we at the BSR Staff took this time to put out our BSR Outstanding Performer in Girls' Basketball and our Borderland Girls' Basketball All City Team.  Our staff went through and these are our top performers during this shortened high school basketball season.

The BSR Outstanding Performer in Girls' Basketball is Alyssa Bonilla (Sr) PG from Canutillo High School.  BSR Coach of the Year is Eric Weaver.

"BSR All City Girls' Basketball Team"

     BSR First Team All City Girls' Basketball:                                                               BSR All City Coaches:     

          *G — Alyssa Bonilla (Sr) — Canutillo                                                                   Tiesha King — Americas

          G — Jaelyn Morrison (So) — Hanks                                                                   Wadrian Wallace — Andress     

          G — Leslie Mojica (So) — Burges                                                                       Alyssa Faubion — El Paso     

          F — Jennifer Valdez (Jr) — Mt. View                                                                  *Eric Weaver — Chapin

          P — Tlonna Lidge (Sr) — Andress                                                                      Richard Chacon — Mt. View

          Reserve —Victoria Perez (Jr) — San Elizario                                                    Luis Antonio Lopez — Canutillo

          Reserve — Sophiya Bustillos (Fr) — Riverside

     BSR Second Team All City Girls' Basketball:

          G — Vanessa Herrera (Sr) — Eastlake

          G — Aaliyah Davis (Sr) — Eastwood

          G — Kendra Burton (Jr) — Hanks

          F — Waste Little Spotted Horse (Jr) — Canutillo

          F — Sadi Clemons (Sr) — Canutillo

          Reserve — Andrea Estrada (Jr) — Socorro

          Reserve — Adebukola Akomolafe (Sr)— Americas

     BSR Third Team All City Girls' Basketball:

          G — Briana Montoya (Jr) — Chapin

          G — Brianna Vargas (So) — Burges

          G — Audrey Hernandez (So) — San Elizario

          F — Ruth Sodipe (Sr) — Montwood

          F — Alliah Scallion (Sr) — Andress

          Reserve — Adryan Alvarez (Sr) — Del Valle

          Reserve — Caitlynn Clark (Fr) — Franklin

     BSR Honorable Mention All City Girls' Basketball:

          G — Gabriela Goncalez (Sr) — Clint

          G — Anna Yellen (Sr) — El Paso

          G — Yasmine Avila (Sr) — Pebble Hills

          C — Mariah Avila (Jr) — Ysleta

          F — Ariana Escalante (Jr) — Ysleta

          G — Vivian Guzman (Sr) — Bel Air

          F — Victoria Moreno (So) — Bel Air

          G — Natalie Mesa (So) — Chapin

          G — Lawson Hiltl (Jr) — Hanks

          F — Lizmary Lopez (Sr) — Riverside

          G — Lauren Perez (Jr) — Riverside

          G — Mia Lozoya (Sr) — Montwood

          G — Priscilla Diaz (Fr) — Burges

          G — Jasmin Holt (So) — Chapin

          G — Amaris Valdes (So) — Franklin







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