Borderland Sports Report High School Update

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                     Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 09 January 2021 | 7:30 PM

El Paso, TX:   Here are the game recaps that have come in from high school coaches across the Borderland:

Girls' Basketball:

#1 Mountain View (10-0), 45 vs. Clint (4-5) 27

Mountain View Leaders: Jennifer Valdez 12-points, Juliet Huizar 11-points

Clint Leaders: Aylin Garcia 9-points, Lorraine Juarez 7-points, Katy Arredondo 7-points

Riverside (6-6) 50 vs. #10 San Elizario (7-2) 63

Riverside Leaders: Sophiya Bustillos 21-points, Lizmary Lopez 12-points

San Elizario Leaders: Audrey Hernandez 30-points, Victoria Perez 10-points, Catarina Contreras 8-points,

Maya Contreras 8-points

Immanuel Christian (4-5) 52 vs. Tornillo (5-3) 56

Tornillo Leaders:  D. Elias 16-points, T. Hicks 15-points

Immanuel Christian Leaders:  Juliana Hernandez 21-points, Hannah Ayala 19-points

Coronado (5-7) 38 vs. Pebble Hills (6-6) 51

El Dorado (6-4) 51 vs. Parkland (2-10) 42

El Dorado Leaders: Gena Galindo 15-points, Alexandra Longoria 10-points

Parkland Leaders: Leah Flores 18-points, Alexis Flores 13-points

Boys' Basketball:

Eastwood 59 vs. Eastlake 54

Eastwood Leaders: Zaid Hernandez 26-points, George Garcia 9-points, Ryan Martinez 8-points

Eastlake Leaders: Josh Vasquez 11-points, Adam Herrera 8-points, Blas Compean 6-points

Faith Christian (El Paso Classical) 28 vs. Tornillo 72

Tornillo Leaders:   Jesus Delgado 27-points, Jesse Gomez 17-points, Mike Ibarra 10-points

Boys' Soccer:

Ysleta 5 vs. Andress 4

Jefferson 0 vs. El Dorado 3

Hanks 1 vs. Riverside 2

Socorro 4 vs. San Elizario 0

Del Vall 6 vs. Clint 0

Chapin 2 vs. Franklin 3

El Paso 0 vs. Eastlake 12

Montwood 0 vs. Coronado 2





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