Fieldhouse+ To Release New Slate of Sports Centered Talk Shows

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 23 March 2020 | 10:06 PM

El Paso, TX:  Fieldhouse+ is pleased to announce that they will be launch a new series of sports centered talk shows.  In all, there is a total of three (3) shows in the plans with the first weekly show slated to roll out the first week in April of 2020.

Each show was be sports centered with different themes of course.  The first show to launch will focus on 2 co-host with gest being current youth, high school, and college coaches; referees, recruiters, parents, and student athletes.  The first four (4) episodes have been selected and production and recording will begin in the coming weeks.

Show number two will be a stand alone show for yours truly where I will focus on different topics within the sports world.  I will have guest ranging from current and former college and professional players in all sports.

And the 3rd show will be a duet where the topics will be anything from sports back in the day to what happened this week in whatever sport is going at the time.  This will be a free flowing show bringing together two high school teammates to just sit around and talk sports.

The names for these new shows will be coming soon, but be on the watch.  All shows will air on the Fieldhouse+ website and be a part of the HFMG All Access Roku channel content for both live streaming and VOD.



                        Steven Howard is the editor for Fieldhouse Sports and Entertainment, where he will write articles on youth and high school

                                sports, recruiting, and sports programs.  He is also the President of Pathway 2 College LLC, Co-Chair of P2C Athlete Prep, and

                               Co-owner of EBH Fitness LLC where he runs Howard Family Media Group (Fieldhouse SEN, Fieldhouse+, Howard Family

                               Productions, and The Music Box).  He is also the host of the Borderland Sports Report.