P2C's Steps To College Program

                      Steven Howard     

                                      Editor of Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Network                                                                                                                                                 26 February 2020 | 9:50 PM


P2C Athlete Prep and Pathway 2 College LLC will launch free college prep program

A total of 50 student athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the Program.  25 in San Antonio, and 25 in El Paso.

On 19 January 2020, Pathway 2 College LLC CEO Oscar WIlliams and President of P2C Athlete Prep Steven Howard developed a plan to promote the P2C Athlete Prep "College Bound Program" that the two companies had created to help student athletes and their family utilize academics and athletics to minimize their cost of attending college.  After bouncing around several ideas, both parites agreed that having a sponsored program in both El Paso and San Antonio, TX would allow this new program to be introduced to both communities.

In order to make their plan a reality, they needed sponsors.  Mr. Williams decided that his company Outsource Sports Training and Evaluations would sponsor 25 students into the program in San Antonio, TX and my wife's company EBH Fitness LLC would sponsor 25 students into the program in El Paso, TX.  In doing so, the P2C Steps To College Program was created.

Now until 15 March 2020, parents and or coaches can nominate a student athlete to participate in the P2C Steps To College Program.  In order to participate, student athletes must meet the following criteria:

     - must be a 9th grader through Junior

     - must be a varsity athlete

     - must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

So what exactly will participants in the program receive?  First, they must understand that this is a 6-month program commitment at a minimum.  Their are nine (6) total mentorship sessions and only one (1) can be missed unexcused.  If participants and parents can agree to this, the student athletes and their parents will be a part of a program that has seen over 90% of it's participants receive athletic scholarships and 96.4% of the programs participants attending a 4-year college.  This program includes the following:

     - college mentorship sessions for student athletes that will involve interations with college coaches

     - student athlete college preparation

     - assistance in developing and picking 10 colleges that are a fit both academically and athletically

     - NCAA and NAIA course work compliance

     - online marketing and promotional services

     - the ability to promote multiple sports or levels

     - access to online SAT / ACT Prep Courses

For those who feel that this program is a fit for their student athlete, register here for the program today and don't waste another minute.  Albert Einstein defined insanty as "repeating the samething over and over again expecting to get a different result."  Continuing down the same path year after year will continue to produce the same results for your efforts.  Now is the time to chose a pathway to get your student athlete to college by taking the "Steps To College Program" route.

If you have questions, you can contact here:

     - El Paso, TX:  Mr. Steven Howard --, (915) 227-4572

     - San Antonio, TX:  Mr. Oscar Williams --, (210) 257-8068

P2C Athlete Prep --

Pathway 2 College LLC --


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A Texas Based 501(c)3 organization who's mission is to inspire and empower today's youth to change their world.  

Through education and athletics, their goal is to make their program accessible to anyone, anywhere.  They will equip at-risk youth and others with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.

A Texas based organization who's mission is to help all athletes gain access to visibility regardless of age, location, economic background, ethnicity or media notoriety.  We also believe that education is an important element of long term success.  To that end, we provide our athletes with informaiton about colleges and universities; alert them to scholarship opportunities; and help them develop their skills needed to perform well on qualifying exams.